Jul 09

The Basics Of Natural Lawn Care

Natural lawn care uses methods such as collecting rainwater to water your lawn. Natural lawn care includes not using harmful pesticides that can harm your lawn and the soil. It is important to take care of the soil since the water drains into nearby future water supplies. If you pour harmful chemicals down your drains, then you are polluting the streams and lakes in the area. Collecting rainwater will ensure that your lawn and plants get the water they need.The whole story can be found at http://angelsphotos. Continue Reading »

May 10

Why You should Install A Low-Flow Toilet

Good for the Pocket and the Environment

Few people realize that the lowly toilet has a major impact on the overall water use in the United States. A standard toilet can use as much as seven gallons or more of water per flush. For a low-flows toilet that amount drops to 1.6 gallons or less. If you multiply those numbers by a dozen flushes a day by millions of homes, you come up with an amazing millions of gallons of fresh, potable water wasted every single day, just in the U.S.

It is Continue Reading »

May 07

Is A Composting Toilet For You?

A type of toilet that is appearing in isolated locations is called a composting toilet. It’s a dry toilet that uses an aerobic processing system, which treats all of the excreta that goes into the toilet. In most cases, a composting toilet uses little to no water. Managed aerobic decomposition is what makes a composting toilet a viable option for many locations.

A typical composting toilet is used in the absence of a flush toilet. If there is no waste treatment facility or sustainable water Continue Reading »

May 03

The Benefits Of Converting To A Natural Pool

For many people, the idea of swimming conjures up thoughts of compulsory showers, burning eyes and the acrid smell of chlorine. While swimming can be a fun and healthy activity, using conventional swimming pools makes it less so. Fortunately, natural pools are gaining popularity as a safe alternative. Here are some of the benefits.

Chlorine Free

Chlorine is a poisonous substance whose sole purpose is to kill living organisms. It has been linked to numerous health problems including asthma, cancer of the skin, stomach, kidneys and bladder, eczema and heart disease. Continue Reading »

May 02

A Guide To Choosing Sustainable Flooring

Natural Materials

Installing sustainable flooring is a great plan for individuals wanting an environmentally friendly building. Various options of flooring made from sustainable materials are available that offer unique features that appeal to different individuals. Sustainable flooring is frequently made from plant materials such as timber, seeds, bark and sap. The purpose of sustainable flooring is that it does not deplete finite resources. Individuals with allergies often find that sustainable flooring reduces symptoms of sinus congestion, watery eyes and breathing difficulties. Flooring made from bamboo or cork is gaining popularity Continue Reading »

Apr 29

How To Install A Tank-Less Water Heater

Tank-less water heaters are a great way to preserve energy and conserve water so that you do not use what you do not need. More and more people who are looking to lead greener lives are switching their water tanks to ones that do not require a big and bulky tank in a specific room in the home. One of the great things about not having a hot water tank and switching to tank-less is that you will save a ton of Continue Reading »